Cold Signals


It was a cold day to receive signals from the space station but I did it. It was so cold as I was speaking into the camera my speech slurred. But I still heard the first British astronaut to visit the ISS make his first school contact.

I had several other firsts today including finally getting my lavalier microphone to work (a mic you can pin to your lapel), so I have good audio of myself with no wind noise, unlike normal. I also was able to record HD video for the first time. Even though my camera has always done HD video I couldn’t use that function because it would overheat and automatically turn off. That wasn’t a problem today! Hah!

Another cool thing about today was that it was this week two years ago that I first received the ISS and made my first video which has been viewed over 12k times to date. Its continued popularity encouraged me to make more videos and create the Space Comms YouTube channel. So this was a special day.

My plan is to finish a reedit I am working on of that original video and release that this week, then I’ll edit this video later on. There’s also an SSTV event planned for the middle of January I could make a video out of but if it’s this cold on the weekend the event is scheduled, I don’t know if I’ll want to get out there for a lot of passes. It was really tough.

John, KG4AKV


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