ISS Slow Scan TV Today Was a Bust


ISS Slow Scan TV today was a bust and not just because the space station didn’t send any images due to a hardware transmit issue.

At the “Giant Pile of Red Clay” I forgot to record audio from the radio, had interference, and faced uncomfortably strong winds which swept up sandy dust and dirt onto my everything. Not to mention I didn’t hook up my new audio converter and tablet for decoding SSTV right.

I retreated to a site with a less clear view of the horizon, but a dependably interference free site, a shopping center parking lot in Cary (Crossroads if you’re in the know).

But here, while I could hear nearby signals fine and presumably would have heard the ISS fine had it been transmitting, I found that my ability to transmit was disabled. It seems my fifteen plus year old 2 meter mobile radio has a problem. I wanted to try and talk to the cosmonauts too, but not with that radio.

By this time though I had made progress with remembering how to connect my new audio converter to decode SSTV with my tablet, but I decided to use my phone instead so I could share any received images on the internet over 3G, which my tablet doesn’t do.

I switched to my handheld radio which had no problems transmitting but which puts out only five watts instead of ten.

It didn’t matter though because no cosmonauts came back to me and there were no signals to receive.

So, until tomorrow afternoon, when the ISS next passes over me, and more importantly, until the ISS crew wakes up and has time to fix the hardware issue, I’ll wait.

I read a post online by someone else who had similar problems, forgetting to connect their antenna to the radio, so perhaps today was warmup for tomorrow.

Let’s redeem ourselves radio hams!

SSTV for everyone!

73, KG4AKV


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