Rhode Island ISS Contact

Friday at 12:43 EDT (16:43 UTC) there will be a contact between the International Space Station and a school in Rhode Island. Here are the official details:

All Saints STEAM Academy (AS2A),  Middletown, Rhode Island, direct via
N1ASA. The ISS callsign is presently  scheduled to be NA1SS
The scheduled astronaut is Jeff Williams  KD5TVQ
Contact is a go for: Fri 2016-05-06 16:43:47 UTC 56 deg
Watch for  the live simulcast at

You can hear the astronaut side of the contact on 145.800 MHz FM.

Here are the pass details for the school from Heavens-Above.com:



You can see how their pass times overlap with yours by looking yours up at Heavens-Above.com. Here’s how to track the ISS with heavens-above.com

Here are the questions as released by ARISS:

1.  How do you calm yourself if you feel a little claustrophobic?

2.  Do diseases travel faster in zero gravity?

3.  What do you do for fun with the rest of the crew?

4.  How do you celebrate different holidays and events that you would at home?

5.  We practice the engineering design process at school. What innovations have you needed to make on board the ISS?

6.  What is your favorite and least favorite space food?

7.  Does your sleep dreams change in zero gravity?

8.  What do you now appreciate that you may have taken for granted on Earth?

9.  How do you cut your hair and nails?

10. What has been your biggest accomplishment in space so far?

11. What would you do if you found something unusual while on a spacewalk?

12. If becoming an astronaut is so challenging, why did you decide to become one?

13. What is the scariest part of being aboard or traveling to the ISS?

14. What is the most interesting piece of space debris that you’ve seen?

15. How do astronauts keep up with religious practices and obligations?

16. Do you use special writing devices in zero gravity?

17. When you were in school what were your favorite and least favorite subjects?

18. What do you do to maintain your mental and emotional well-being?

19. What activities aboard the ISS do you find most enjoyable?

20. What food do you really want to have when you get home?

21. What is the most threatening piece of trash that you encountered?

22. Could a goldfish live on the ISS?

23. Could a domesticated pet be trained to go to a Moon base or Mars?

24. Compared to sleeping on Earth, do you sleep more soundly?


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