It’s my birthday! Please subscribe!

IMG_2925 (2)_800x

I’m 33 as of an hour ago!

For my birthday I would love it if you could follow Space Comms on all the things, but especially on YouTube where I want to reach 1,000 subscribers, a goal which is well over halfway complete. As of this writing, I’m at 666 subs (seriously). How high can we get it before my birthday ends on Friday?

It is my goal to make Space Comms financially sustainable and I will work hard at it until I I get it there, or know I’ve failed. If I fail, which is far from out of the question, the more I can do with it before I reach that point, the more I will learn from this venture, and the less of a “failure” that financial fail will be. This “ask” is just another part of that learning experience.

I have a lot of cool ideas and more generally appealing content coming up, like in my last video where I went jogging(!) while listening to the space station*, so even if you’re not into ham radio or space communications, my stuff may become more and more entertaining and interesting to you. Please consider following and supporting me even if you haven’t yet or never intended to.




Patreon (follow link is in top left box with “$64 per video” in it)

And if you really like what I’m doing, please click that big orange “Become a Patron” button on the top right.

Thanks for reading,

John Brier (KG4AKV)

*I didn’t actually listen to the space station while jogging, but I did integrate jogging into a space station reception video, which I’m told created a more entertaining and fun video than I’ve ever made before.


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