ISS SSTV Event Tentative July 15th!

EDIT: It is now tentatively scheduled to start Thursday, July 20th around 21:25 UTC .
Exciting! It’s not often we get an ISS SSTV announcement this far out in advance. An ISS Slow Scan TV event commemorating the 20th anniversary of ARISS is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of July 15th, and potentially will run longer than the weekend. Prepare your stations to receive ISS SSTV using my ISS Reception Hints web page.



2 thoughts on “ISS SSTV Event Tentative July 15th!

  1. Excellent YouTube channel & Website John! Shared your channel on my webpage. I’ll be attempting my first SSTV capture this weekend thanks to your info!


    1. Thanks Johnny! Looks like you have a nice channel yourself. Glad to see another relatively young ham making YouTube videos. Thanks for the shoutout on your blog too. I really appreciate it. Good luck with the ISS SSTV. I bet you’ll like it a lot.

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