Howto Use to Track the ISS

I made a video to explain this in addition to the text below. It isn’t exactly the same information. If you’re in a hurry skip watching the video and just use the text instructions below it.

Go to

* Under Configuration click “Change your observation location and other settings”
* Search for your location
* Click the red marker and click Update
* Go to the homepage by clicking the Heavens Above icon in the top left
* Click ISS under “Satellites” and “10-day predictions for satellites of special interest”
* Click all next to “Passes to include”  (NOT visible only)
* Look for passes on the date/times you have time to listen for

Don’t go by the 10 degree start/end time because you can hear it well below 10 degrees if you’re using a high gain or directional antenna. You can view the very beginning of the pass (0 degrees) by clicking the date of the pass and scrolling to the very bottom. Either way, it’s always better to start listening early to avoid missing anything.