Video: Failed ISS Slow Scan TV!

In case you didn’t know, I’m releasing new videos every week, on Wednesdays. Since I’ve started uploading videos more frequently they’ve been getting better and better. Also, If you like them a lot I have a Patreon website where you can sign up to send me a small sum every time I release a video. […]

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Rhode Island ISS Contact

Friday at 12:43 EDT (16:43 UTC) there will be a contact between the International Space Station and a school in Rhode Island. Here are the official details: All Saints STEAM Academy (AS2A),¬† Middletown, Rhode Island, direct via N1ASA. The ISS callsign is presently¬† scheduled to be NA1SS The scheduled astronaut is Jeff Williams¬† KD5TVQ Contact […]

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Rainy SO-50 Video

I made five contacts! And it wasn’t raining before I started! This is from the 2016-03-27 2111Z SO-50 pass over North America. Here are the all the stations heard on this pass, when they were first heard. There were 19 in all: 00:02 KG5CCI 00:06 K4FEG 00:13 N8HM FM18 00:28 N4UFO 00:45 KM4RTS EM90 01:01 […]

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