Human spaceflight from the United States and me

This is crazy! I can’t believe no one told me the rocket I saw launch  one year ago this month launched from one of the same pads astronauts  will be launching from U.S. soil for the first time since 2011! Not only  that, but the tower they built for astronauts to climb up to the top of  the rocket where the crew capsule will be, and the crew arm that will  take them to it, were both installed when I was there! I was looking at  it and didn’t even know it. And of course they will be launching atop an  Atlas V rocket, the same type I saw launch! And this is all especially  relevant because in one hour NASA will be announcing the crew that will  be bringing spaceflight back to the U.S! They should launch in the next  year or two.

Click the attachments below to see annotated images identifying the crew tower and crew arm!

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